A Scottish Broadcasting Opportunity Missed?

At the SNP Conference earlier this month I’d heard of plans by an organisation called Scottish Broadcasting Company to launch a bid to buy out STV2 which had previously announced it would close with the loss of up to 59 jobs.

The following week I came across a crowdfunder which aimed to raise £1 Million by August 9th to enable the purchase of STV2 to go ahead. This crowdfunder page stated the following:  Read more

Is New Waverley Going To Be The Home Of The Power Grab?

The Office of The Secretary of State for Scotland announced on Thursday its plans to relocate the department from Melville Crescent to a new UK Government Hub at the New Waverley Development in Edinburgh City Centre.

The announcement has led to a lot of speculation on Social Media that Secretary of State David Mundell and an “army” of 2,900 Civil Servants will use this hub as a base to implement the anticipated “power grab” following the recent passing into law of the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill.

So here is what we know…. Read more

Scottish Universal Credit Sanctions Statistics

Universal Credit Failed Image

In this article I’m going to show, by Westminster constituency, the number of people claiming Universal Credit (UC) in Scotland and also show how many of these are being sanctioned.

I had hoped to do the same for those claming Job Seekers Allowance (JSA) & Employment Support Allowance (ESA) but was unable to narrow the data down by constituency in the same way as for UC. Read more

Scotland Office’s Mysterious Multi-Million Pound Payment For “Candidates Mailings”

Update 18:34 on 25/04/18: The Electoral Commission allows each candidate standing in an election to send one piece of campaign mail to every registered household free of charge, so I imagine that this spend would be the total for all candidates in Scotland.

While doing some research into spending by The Scotland Office into their spending on Social Media I stumbled across this rather interesting payment to the Royal Mail.

Image Showing £3 Million Payment for "Candidates Mailings"

The Payment of £3,001,316.17 was included in a breakdown of the Government Department’s spending for August 2017. Read more

Revealed: Who’s Behind The Red Robin

The Red Robin, a new Labour focused news site, has caused quite a stooshie on Twitter over the last few days following a promotional piece for it on CommonSpace. While I have no intention to use this article to enter that particular debate I earlier came across a Tweet I found rather interesting…..

This particular Tweet raised concerns about the lack of transparency about who was behind the site. While it is not unusual for webmasters to keep their private contact info…well…private…indeed I’ve done them same with the registry information for this site, I thought I’d have a look and see if I could dig anything up (I make it absolutely clear in several places on this very site who exactly I am should anyone think about accusing me of double standards).

Read more