A Personal Message From Marky

I thought I should post this to explain to anyone that hasn’t seen my tweets on the matter why the site hasn’t been updated for a wee while.

March turned out to be a very traumatic month for me personally which has left me pretty broken, down and dispirited.

Firstly, myself and my housemates got evicted after one of the housemates got drunk after a row with his girlfriend and proceeded to smash the house up.

Then a few days later I was attacked and robbed resulting in a few days in hospital. They got away with my laptop and a considerable amount of cash (the deposit and months rent for the new place I was going to be moving into).

I’m slowly getting back on my feet and have temporary accommodation at the moment thanks to the council. Internet access is just through my phone which makes researching and writing articles very difficult (hence why I haven’t published recently).

To top it all off I have my end of year exams starting in the next couple of weeks, so to say my stress levels are through the roof is an understatement.

I will bounce back from this though and continue the fight for another indy ref and Scottish independence.

If anyone reading this feels they would like to make a donation to help me get back on my feet, you can find the ways to donate on the following page:


Thank you for reading this and much love,


PS: If you don’t already follow my personal Twitter and would like to then it’s @markybooth97

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  1. All the best to you babe, It must be really stressful for you right now..but it is true..what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Deal with the things you can change for now. I’m a believer that things go wrong for a reason..although I’ve had a lot of fecked up stuff in my life lol. NOTHING IS INSURMOUNTABLE!

  2. Ah dear Marky,
    I am so sorry to read all this, I hope this finds you in a wee bit better of a position.
    I was wondering, where you had gone etc and had only seen few tweets when you originally came back.
    Wishing you much love and good luck for the future.
    Kindest Regards to you,
    SCOTSANGEL1 ( Angela ) x

  3. Hi. Just tried to donate by bank transfer but my bank is saying that your bank details are dodgy and referred me to their fraud line. Have used direct bank transfer for donations to Wings, WGD, TSTV and other indy sites and this is the first time my bank has ever queried a donation, so I guess I’ll avoid you in future.

    1. Hi Jamie, I’m sorry to hear that. Not aware of any one else that has a similar problem. It could be something to do with my account not being with one of the high Street banks I guess.

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