Aberdeen CC Deporting Homeless Aberdonians To England

Aberdeen City Council Crest

Those of you who follow me regularly will be aware I’m going through a housing crisis of my own at the moment, but my situation pales in to comparison of one of my followers who has contacted me recently about his situation.

Michael is 43, Aberdeen born and bred but has been living in England for the last few years. He’s found himself homeless after a relationship breakup and decided to come home to Aberdeen.

Sadly Michael, for various reasons, is estranged from his family up here and that fact coupled with him having being staying down in England has led Aberdeen City Council to declare he has no local connection to Aberdeen and they have no duty to care towards him, despite him having lived the majority of his life here.

Aberdeen Council being so magnanimous as they are will happily arrange with his last English council for temporary accommodation back down there and will happily pay his train fare too just to get out of a responsibility.

Remember folks that this a council that has most members SNP, but where Labour and the Tories have colluded to form a majority.


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