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I had a brief conversation with Gary Kelly from AUOB last night and here is my report of it…

Firstly, although there are 3 Limited Companies set up that all purportedly represent AUOB the current one in effect is AUOB SCOTLAND LTD (SC601370). This company was incorporated on July 2nd 2018 and lists it directors as Shaun Francis Moore and Mandeep Singh. There is no requirement for this company to file accounts until April 2nd, 2020.

The previously held company was AUOB LIMITED (SC550993) This company listed its directors as Robert Allan and William Martin McKinnon. This company filed accounts for the year ending November 30th, 2017 stating they had £5 in assets and £100 owing to creditors. You can view the accounts on the link I provided above. (Note that they describe their nature of business as private securities activities).

Commenting on that company Gary said:

“This the 2nd company AUOB setup bill refused to attend meetings etc refused to hand it over forcing other limited company to be setup accounts upto date August 2018 all money collected via buckets went into oor new account old account had crowdfunder money so that paid for events upto Edinburgh so technically we are only responsible for August up until now”

Previous to all this we had yet another company, ALL UNDER ONE BANNER LIMITED (SC541781)

This one was set up in August 2016 and was struck off, by Companies House,  in January 2018 for not filing accounts. The sole director at the time was William Martin McKinnon.

At this point I should probably draw your attention to an article from the Daily Record dated September 9th, 2018 which had the headline “Scottish independence movement AUOB at war with each other over bitter cash dispute“. (It’s safe to click the link as I used an one rather than link to the Record itself).

Read the article for yourself but it boils down to a dispute over cash between Bill McKinnon and Manny Singh.

I went on to ask Gary who else was involved in committee/organisation with AUOB and he helpfully provided me with this Facebook post:

According to Gary all the people listed there have an equal say in the running of AUOB.

But this goes against other things I’ve seen saying that Neil Mackay is no longer involved, more coming on this soon, but yes this Neil Mackay that said to another AUOB organiser…

“I’m sick of you through and through and stop contacting me and stay away from me or else. I look forward to the news one day you have shat yourself to death in an old grubby care home, won’t be long now. Fuck off.”

When pushed on Neil’s involvement Gary said (sorry it’s just a screenshot but thought best to share as it was):

Now, before everyone piles in on me… Yes I’ve been very critical of AUOB, both in the lead up to the Edinburgh march and after, but having spoken to Gary I believe that if all the egos involved can agree and they employ a decent PR person then they can continue to flourish.

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