Do As We Say, Not As We Do

Despite the UK government recently announcing a crackdown on unpaid internships it seems that the housing minister, Dominic Rabb, failed to read the memo:

Copy of the advert seeking an unpaid intern issued by Dominic Rabb.

Rabb last week issued the above advert seeking an unpaid intern for his Esher and Walton constituency which would only offer the successful candidate travel expenses to Westminster. Recent research by the Sutton Trust says that an unpaid intern would need to find a minimum of £1,019 a month to live in the capital.  Read more

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Thank Goodness for Hansard

An interesting tweet yesterday from the Tory MP for Stirling, complete with dubiously edited video, claiming he got no answers to a question about what the Scottish government is doing with its benefit powers.

Let’s just take a peek at what the official record has about this exchange:  Read more

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