Flamingo Land, Loch Lomond, The Tories & Scarborough Borough Council

Map of Development Location

There has been a lot of controversy on Social Media in the last few days after Flamingo Land Limited submitted a Planning Permission in Principle (PPiP) application for a resort complex at West Riverside and Woodbank in Balloch on the shores of Loch Lomond.

While Flamingo Land is best known for its Theme Park and Zoo in North Yorkshire, the company stresses that its Loch Lomond venture would be more akin to something like a Centreparcs site with lodges, a boutique hotel, hostel and glamping pods together with a range of family-based attractions (including an indoor water park) and restaurants.

Ariel View of Development Site.

The project is a joint initiative between Flamingo Land and Scottish Enterprise which has owned the land since 1989.

Flamingo Land Limited was established in 1973 and has its registered office in Glasgow. The company is owned and controlled by the Gibb family. The current Chief Executive of the company, Gordon Gibb, was born in Strathaven.

Since this is a political blog I’ll move on to the main point of this article.

Between 2014 and 2017 Flamingo Land Limited has donated £75,000 cash and £8,500 in auction prizes to the Tories. In addition Mr Gibbs has personally donated £87,500 to them over the same time period.

Now you are probably wondering why I included Scarborough Borough Council in this article’s title.

Well in 2014 this Conservative controlled council announced that Flamingo Land was to be the preferred bidder for a project to redevelop land  on the town’s sea-front occupied by the closed Futurist Theatre.

The company’s plan was to demolish the theatre and build a £20million indoor theme park on the site. As with the Loch Lomond project much controversy ensued. Eventually in January 2017 the council voted on whether to allow the demolition to go ahead. The vote was passed with these results:

  • Conservatives – For: 19 Against: 2
  • Labour –  For: 1 Against: 11
  • Independent – For: 2 Against: 1
  • UKIP – For: 0 Against: 5
  • Greens – For: 0 Against 2
  • Total – For: 22 Against: 21 

Make of that what you will dear reader.

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One comment

  1. There is a petition on change.org against this development , I ask ANYONE who is interested to please sign and distribute widely , afaik Scottish Enterprise are proposing selling this land to flamingo land , I and many others are vehemently against selling ANY public land of this description to carpet bagging , asset stripping , profit greedy corporations and shareholders , this land doesn’t belong to Scottish Enterprise it belongs to the PEOPLE OF SCOTLAND . I DEMAND that the SG stop the sale of this and any other land which falls within these descriptors, these lands are for the benefit and enjoyment of people and visitors in Scotland not to benefit rapacious land speculators
    Scotland relies and benefits greatly from tourism , ancestral and cultural tourism , architectural and historical tourism , unspoiled wild and rugged tourism , NOT amusement park tourism , we already have a large amusement park in Strathclyde park , there is no requirement to decimate a world renowned beauty spot and turn it into a plastic faux village to benefit large donors to a Scotland hating political party.

    I call upon the SG to devise a blockchain methodology voting system whereby the citizens of Scotland can determine and decide whether these types of development and the sale of public land is permissible and desired to ALL within Scotland not just profit driven corporations

    These decisions should not be made by quangos or politicians who can be influenced by lobbyists or self centred interests they should be made by the people who will be most impacted by these developments

    Our SG should be showing that they are listening to the electorate and are working towards a better Scotland for ALL . REMEMBER THEY WORK FOR US THE CITIZENS OF SCOTLAND not tory party donors

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