Meet Four Companies Supporting Scotland In Union

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In this article I’m going to share with you some interesting background information I have found on four of the companies named in the Scotland in Union donors list. 

Adventure Forest Limited

Date of Donation: December 1st 2015

Amount of Donation: £1,000

The company operates 30 Go Ape Treetop Adventure, 19 Go Ape Treetop Junior together with 11 Go Ape Forest Segway sites, 1 Zip Trekking Adventure and 1 Cafe in locations throughout the UK. The company also operates Indoor Trampoline Parks in the UK under the brand Air Space in Glasgow, Wolverhampton and Stevenage.

In the financial year ending 31st December 2016 the company had a turnover of £27.5 Million leading to a profit before tax of £2.3 Million.

The Company is based in Bury St Edmonds, Suffolk. One of the directors, Will Galbraith, is a resident of Ayrshire.

Their annual reports for years ending 2015 & 2016 specifically say that no political donations were made.

Balmoral Group

Date of Donation: March 30th 2017

Amount of Donation: £6,150

Established in 1980, Balmoral is a diverse group specialising in subsea buoyancy, flotation, insulation, elastomer and renewable energy products, property development, civil/environmental engineering liquid storage and treatment solutions. The group HQ is located in Aberdeen.

The group has also made the following political donations:

  • £5,000 to Aberdeen City Conservatives in May 2017
  • £65,000 to Labour’s Central Party funds in February 2017
  • £2,500 to Aberdeen South Conservatives in February 2013
  • £10,000 to Liberal Democrats Scottish State Party in October 2007

The subsidiary company, Balmoral Comtec Ltd, is also a regular political donor:

  • £16,000 to The Conservatives Central Party funds in November 2017
  • £5,000 to Aberdeenshire West Liberal Democrats in June 2017
  •  £10,000 to The Conservatives Central Party funds in September 2016
  •  £15,000 to The Conservatives Central Party funds in March 2016
  • £10,000 to Aberdeenshire East Liberal Democrats in March 2016
  • £10,000 to Aberdeenshire East Liberal Democrats in May 2015
  • £2,500 to Aberdeen South Conservatives in February 2013
  • 6 separate donations to Better Together totalling £116,000

Their Annual Report for the Year Ending March 31st 2017 states they donated a total of £10,000 to Scotland in Union during the year.

Broomwood Hall School

Date of Donation: December 2015 – April 2017

Amount of Donation: £5,000

On the face of it this is a very strange one, why would a private school in SW London be donating to Scotland in Union?

Well it turns out that the founder and principal of the school is Lady Katharine Colquhoun, wife of Sir Malcolm Colquhoun, 9th Baronet of Luss and owner of the Luss Estate.

The school has also donated £41,500 to The Conservative’s Central Party funds over the last four years.

Fees at the school range from £5125 to £6295 per term.

Luss Estates separately donated £7,500 to SiU over the same period as the school.

Lady Colquhoun is also the sole director of Luss Fine Foods Ltd.

Meadowhead Ltd.

Date of Donation: November 1st 2015

Amount of Donation: £7,499

Meadowhead run caravan and camping parks in Edinburgh, East Lothian and Northumberland.

Two of the directors, Alexander and Henry Trotter, have previously between them donated over £1 Million to Better Together.

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  1. Wow! So these companies operate in Scotland get the breaks afforded to them by Scotland yet want to destroy the country’s right to independence!!!????

    1. Absolutely disgusting that they benefit From Scotland why should Scotland not be Independence? Scottish Gov run a much better house and benefits more than anywhere else They should be supporting our Scotland.with the donations..

  2. Amazing that Balmoral Group are such mega unionists, donating generously to Conservative, Labour and Lib Dem’s alike!! Never thought the owner, with whom I am acquainted, would be that much of a devotee to keeping his country in chains.

    1. Ask why he financially supports a political group of people who are opposed to a sector of his company ie Renewable energy

  3. Surprised that Balmoral Group would donate to Tory’s who are trying their VERY BEST TO STOP ALL RENEWABLE ENERGY PRODUCTION, UNLESS they have a market share in FRACKING COMPANIES

  4. the last company is planning to turn last unspoilt bit of eadt lothian …with very narrow blind junction estate lanes and a situatied in old woodland coastal and old farmstead into holiday and retail complex with dozens of apartments… yet no locals can afford 4o buy, and local estate cottages are unheatable and without basic modernisation Tyneingham…the area will be devastated …local eople need affordable places to live and work and the old home farm could have provided live work spaces …not a holiday and retail place only two miles from their adventure park business

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