My Alternative to Second Homes for MSPs in an Indy Scotland

Since 2012 Scotland’s MSPs have claimed just over £4 Million in expenses related to either a second home in Edinburgh or hotel accommodation in the city while working at Holyrood.

I’m sure over the longer term that savings could be made if the Scottish Government provided purpose built accommodation for our MSPs near the Parliament building.

Think something like a high standard University Campus accommodation block with en-suite bedrooms and a shared kitchen & lounge area on each floor.

Obviously there would be a fairly large capital cost involved to start with as well as ongoing costs such as running, maintenance and utility expenses but over and above just the yearly savings that could be made the rooms could be let out to the public during the Summer and Christmas recesses. If you think about the cost of hotel rooms in Edinburgh during the Festival and over Hogmanay that could bring in quite a chunk of income.

Let me know if you think this idea would work in the comments below.

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  1. I have been saying this should happen at Westminster since the expenses scandal broke,think self contained one bedroom flats would be more appropriate though. Would be great if Scotland could adopt a different way of doing things.

  2. I think that is a great idea and it would give the public more insight into and more confidence in how their taxes were being spent. No doubt some MSPs will have been taking advantage of the system to get a flat in Edinburgh which cound turn into a nice little earner for them.

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