What You Need To Know About Miles “Out Of Touch” Briggs

Further Update 24/09/18 at 16:52: An internal Tory disciplinary committee has cleared Briggs of making alleged persistent sexual advances towards a woman (what a surprise!!) One has to wonder why this matter was never referred to Police Scotland. The fact it was kept internal meant there was only ever going to be one outcome.

Given that Briggs has now released a statement which includes “I am especially grateful to the SNP parliamentary researchers who were among those who supported my case” we can probably assume which party the alleged victim works for.

To me this whole thing stinks, I do hope the woman in question does now take her case to the police and let them investigate the facts and if they also clear Briggs then so well and good.

Update 24/09/18: Allegations have emerged that Briggs made persistent unwanted advances to a woman that works for another political party during a ­parliamentary social event at Holyrood in February 2018.

An internal investigation into the allegations was launched by the Tories in July of this year, leading to a private hearing set to take place in an Edinburgh hotel today. However the Tories are under fire for demanding that the alleged victim be cross-examined by Briggs. Having taken advice from Rape Crisis Scotland the alleged victim declined to take part in the hearing.

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Scotland Office’s Mysterious Multi-Million Pound Payment For “Candidates Mailings”

Update 18:34 on 25/04/18: The Electoral Commission allows each candidate standing in an election to send one piece of campaign mail to every registered household free of charge, so I imagine that this spend would be the total for all candidates in Scotland.

While doing some research into spending by The Scotland Office into their spending on Social Media I stumbled across this rather interesting payment to the Royal Mail.

Image Showing £3 Million Payment for "Candidates Mailings"

The Payment of £3,001,316.17 was included in a breakdown of the Government Department’s spending for August 2017. Read more

Revealed: Who’s Behind The Red Robin

The Red Robin, a new Labour focused news site, has caused quite a stooshie on Twitter over the last few days following a promotional piece for it on CommonSpace. While I have no intention to use this article to enter that particular debate I earlier came across a Tweet I found rather interesting…..

This particular Tweet raised concerns about the lack of transparency about who was behind the site. While it is not unusual for webmasters to keep their private contact info…well…private…indeed I’ve done them same with the registry information for this site, I thought I’d have a look and see if I could dig anything up (I make it absolutely clear in several places on this very site who exactly I am should anyone think about accusing me of double standards).

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View All 111 Devolved Matters At Risk Of Westminster Brexit Power Grab

Today we publish the list of all 111 devolved powers that are at risk of a power grab by Westminster due to the current wording of clause 11 of The European Union (Withdrawal) Bill.

The bill, currently under discussion and scrutiny in the House of Lords, aims to set all current EU laws into UK law when we exit the European Union on March 31st 2019 but the UK and Scottish governments are at loggerheads over clause 11 of the Bill which concentrates on powers that are not reserved to Westminster but are currently subject to EU regulations.

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Scottish Government Prepared To Bring In Own Laws To Protect Scotland From Brexit

Mike Russell, the Scottish government’s Minister for UK Negotiations on Scotland’s Place in Europe, is tonight expected to tell a meeting of SNP supporters in Glasgow that the Scottish government will do whatever it takes to protect Scotland’s position in Europe even if that means having to draft our own legislation.

The Scottish and UK governments are currently at loggerheads over what will happen in the aftermath of Brexit with areas of policy that are currently devolved to Holyrood but subject to EU law with many senior figures warning of a “power-grabbing” attempt by the Tories at Westminster. Read more

Who’s Standing Up For Scotland?

Yesterday saw the Westminster Scottish Affairs Select Committee take to the road and head to Kirkcaldy as part of their Immigration and Scotland inquiry.

SNP MPs at the Scottish Affairs Committee meeting in Kirkcaldy

However only three out of the eleven Scottish MPs on the committee bothered to turn up to hear the evidence presented to them. All three who were present are SNP MPs. None of the members representing the Conservatives, Labour or the Lib Dems attended. Read more

Twitter 101: Don’t Use Your Business Account to be a Unionist Troll

During yesterday’s Andrew Marr show on BBC1 I sent out what I thought was a perfectly innocent tweet about Joanna Cherry’s appearance in the paper review section of the show.

Sadly my tweet so angered Elliot Davis, MD of Ecosse Cables and former manager of 90’s hit group Wet Wet Wet, that he decided to take to his company’s twitter account to launch a tirade against me and fellow Scottish independence supporters. Read more