Balfour’s Disgusting Proposal

Lothian’s Tory MSP, Jeremy Balfour, has come under attack for proposing an amendment to the Social Security (Scotland) Bill that would require terminally ill Scots who hadn’t died within three years to have their benefits claim reassessed.

Balfour appears to have made an embarrassing u-turn and withdrawn the amendment which read “At the end of a period of three years beginning with the day on which the individual applied for such assistance, the individual is still living, the Scottish Ministers must review the individual’s entitlement to assistance.”

The amendment came to light on the Scottish Parliament website ahead of today’s social security committee’s stage 2 hearing of evidence on the Social Security Bill.  Read more

Hypocritical is the Kindest Word

The UK Government faces more Brexit embarrassment after a leaked report showed that Scottish economic growth could be slowed by as much as 9% should no trade deal be in place when we leave the EU.

The report, titled “EU Exit Analysis – Cross Whitehall Briefing” was prepared in January and leaked to Buzzfeed last week, sets out the forecast for the impact to economic growth over the next 15 years for each area of the UK given three different Brexit scenarios.

The leak comes after publication of the SNP’s own impact study which was much derided by the Conservatives as “completely over-the-top scaremongering”. Scottish Tory constitutional spokesman, Adam Tomkins, saying the SNP had proved with their 2014 white paper on independence that “their financial forecasts simply cannot be trusted”.  Read more