Scotland Well Placed for Foreign Direct Investment

A leading business publication has named Scotland as the third best large region in Europe for its foreign direct investment (FDI) strategy.

Table showing the 8 highest ranked large regions in Europe for FDI strategy.

The report, published by fDi magazine, entitled fDi European Cities and Regions of the Future 2018/19 placed Scotland only below Catalonia and Germany’s North Rhine-Westphalia regions.

fDi magazine, a Financial Times group publication,  is a specialist publication which reports on
cross-border investment and is read by senior-level executives at multinational corporations and others involved in corporate greenfield site-selection decisions.

As well as FDI strategy the report also judged regions and cities on their economic potential, human capital and lifestyle, cost effectiveness, connectivity and business friendliness.

Having combined all these factors the magazine named Scotland the ninth best large region overall for future investment potential, with South-East England being the only other UK region to rank above it.

Individually Scotland placed 4th for business friendliness, 5th for economic potential (above South-East England) and 7th for connectivity.

The report also brought good news for Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Inverness.

Glasgow was named as the 7th overall large European city, coming in 2nd for its FDI strategy, 4th for its business friendliness and 10th for its connectivity. These results prompted Susan Aitken, SNP councilor and leader of Glasgow City Council, to say “Glasgow is now consistently achieving recognition as one of Europe’s top cities for FDI strategy and business friendliness. These impressive results confirm that Glasgow is truly a world class city.”

In the mid-sized city category Edinburgh ranked 2nd overall as well as being named 2nd for economic potential and 6th for business friendliness.

Aberdeen came 10th overall in the small cities category, ranking 9th for economic potential and 10th for business friendliness.

Finally Inverness was ranked 5th overall in the micro sized cities category, having ranked 6th for economic potential and business friendliness as well as 7th for human capital and lifestyle.

In total 301 cities and 150 regions (in all of Europe, not just the EU) were assessed for the report.

Scotland’s excellent showing in this report surely goes to show that we are neither “too wee”, “too poor” nor “too stupid” to stand alone in the European (or indeed Worldwide) arena.

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