Twitter 101: Don’t Use Your Business Account to be a Unionist Troll

During yesterday’s Andrew Marr show on BBC1 I sent out what I thought was a perfectly innocent tweet about Joanna Cherry’s appearance in the paper review section of the show.

Sadly my tweet so angered Elliot Davis, MD of Ecosse Cables and former manager of 90’s hit group Wet Wet Wet, that he decided to take to his company’s twitter account to launch a tirade against me and fellow Scottish independence supporters.

For those of you who missed Joanna’s appearance you can view it below.

While Mr Davis has now set his Hi-Fi cable business’s twitter account to private (limiting his words of wisdom to his 52 followers) I did manage to save some of his more colourful tweets which I will share with you below.

Not content with just calling us sweetie Davis then went on to equate the YES movement’s desire to see a second independence referendum with rape.

Had it not been for those two tweets in particular I probably would not have even written this article.

On finding out I was a student Davis continued his attack.

When others started getting involved in the debate, particularly mentioning how they would avoid Ecosse Cables for their Hi-Fi needs, Davis went on the rampage saying how indy supporters were so against a Scottish company like his, even going as far as tagging the SNP and Nicola Sturgeon. (Sadly I didn’t get the chance to screenshot those tweets, but I did get some replies).

Before setting his account to private Davis took one last opportunity to insult me.

Now those of you who know me will know that I don’t believe the SNP or Scottish Government are perfect and I’m always happy to debate with those of a different mindset to my own, but as long as that is done so in a civil manner. Despite me offering evidence countering all Davis’s claims (which you will find on my twitter account @markybooth97) he chose to be abusive at every step. So I guess the point of this post is just a warning to those on all sides on how not to damage your brand.

Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments below or indeed give recommendations on where to buy Hi-Fi cables.

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  1. The cringe is so strong he chose to name his company Ecosse.
    I think he’d rather choke before calling his company Scottish Cables

  2. What a saddo, can only rant incoherently in all sorts of absurdist tangential ways, and do a Ratner on his biz while he’s at it. A sure sign that the BritNats now really feel like an endangered species. Which of course they are.

  3. This guy ( wacko ) sounds like the type who really appreciates his customers , as long as they agree with him , definitely a Ratner follower of business techniques

  4. Hi Mark thought this was all a bit odd . Why would you risk your business so I went looking…found this. The guy is a wannabe sumdy.!msg/
    Best ignored.

  5. This Davis guy is a nasty obnoxious character. A classic British Nationalist showing all the signs of Stockholm syndrome. The cringe is strong in him.

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