What You Need To Know About Miles “Out Of Touch” Briggs

Following on from his pathetic and misleading question about baby boxes at Yesterday’s First Ministers Questions I decided to have a closer look into Miles Briggs and found a few things of interest.

Let’s start with this Tweet he posted this morning about Joanna Cherry.

Image of Tweet by Miles Briggs having a go at Joanna Cherry

The Tweet reads “Poor Miss Cherry and her constant ramblings… she’s to be pitied, not hated…”

I’m sure his bitterness towards Joanna has nothing to do with the fact that she defeated him in Edinburgh South West at the 2017 General Election.

Briggs, who is the Tories Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport, has often been quoted talking about the problems of obesity.

Here is one such quote: “Obesity is going to be one of the great public health challenges of our time. These figures show tens of thousands of people – even children as young as two – are being referred to specialists. If we don’t take steps to tackle this problem now, the consequences for both the health of our population and the future strain on the NHS will be severe.”

So given his views on the need to tackle obesity the photo below will come as a shock to you…

Miles Briggs opening a branch of McDonalds

Yes your eyes are not deceiving you that is indeed a grinning Briggs opening a branch of the fast food giant McDonalds in Corstorphine, Edinburgh just last month.

The chair of the National Obesity Forum, Tam Fry, had this to say about Brigg’s hypocritical antics:

“Mr Briggs is out of order. When the Scottish government is set to publish a tough strategy to deal with child obesity he should not be ‘opening’ what is basically a junk food restaurant but supporting Holyrood’s efforts. The message that such an appearance sends out is quite unhelpful. If he’s playing party politics, he’s a disgrace.”

A month earlier, in February 2018 while campaigning for the Tories in the run up to the Penicuik council by-election, Briggs was photographed with George McIntyre who is a former Tory council candidate who was suspended from the party for making racist comments.

McIntyre had posted a rant on social media complaining about how he was “sick to the back teeth of whingeing Muslims”. The rant followed delays to a flu programme amid concerns the vaccine contained pork products.

A spokesperson for the SNP said “Less than a year after McIntyre was caught out for his extremist, bigoted views, he is back out chapping doors and grinning away in photos with Tory frontbencher Miles Briggs.”

Yesterday was not Brigg’s first attack on the baby boxes. Back in January, after claims that 18 of the products contained in the boxes were made in China, Briggs moaned “We believe limited resources should be focused on the most vulnerable in society, not spread thinly and wasted like we are seeing from the SNP. There is a real question over whether they offer value for money. It appears from this evidence that the people getting real value out of them are Chinese manufacturers.”

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